Consumer Signal Hub

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You are sitting on one of the most powerful sources of competitive advantage known to marketers today: all the information you’ve collected about each one of your customers. Plus, all the information they create themselves outside of your enterprise.

And now, with the Consumer Signal Hub, you can finally take advantage of it.

The Consumer Signal Hub combines the technology and science to integrate massive amounts of data from inside and outside your enterprise. It applies advanced models against this data to tease out individuals’ patterns and behaviors that emerge over time and across many different channels. It continually extracts predictive Signals at the individual customer level and creates individual treatment recommendations to address important marketing levers: customer fading, matching best promotions to the individual, setting the right prices, making recommendations for products and services, and much more.

No longer are you limited to your own internal data. You don’t have to understand and respond to your customers only at a single point in time: you now have rich historical context and powerful predictive insights. From blunt instrument segmentation, you now know — and have treatments for — each customer as an individual.

This is truly breakthrough marketing, with breakthrough results.

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