SignalSensor ™


Every day teams of analysts in the public and private sectors help keep us safe. And today, more than ever, we rely on these analysts to sift through constantly flowing, endless sources of raw data and assess potential threats. SignalSensorTM supports these critical functions by combining proprietary algorithms and data with open source technologies in a unique approach that meets the anticipatory intelligence needs of federal agencies, large corporations, and local law enforcement.

SignalSensor is a flexible, multi-lingual solution that uses patent-pending algorithms to identify and prioritize threats to specific individuals, key locations, and events. It serves as an ‘unblinking eye’ always on the lookout for threat indicators.

The key is in our patent pending use of machine learning science and an advanced ontology made up of 80 million terms and 420 million relationships across more than 55 languages. We apply these technologies against more than 200 million online elements per day, including websites, forums, and social media, to quickly notify analysts of key Signals, or threat indicators, spread across open source commentary.

As a Web-based system, SignalSensor does not require the installation of any software in your environment. Contact us, and we can work with you to rapidly arm you with sophisticated insights to help you protect your personnel and assets.

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