Man + Machine

In a Big Data world, only powerful machines — armed with the latest machine learning science — can find the valuable predictive patterns hidden in massive flows of data. But it takes more than machines and science to get the most from Big Data. It also takes human judgment, intuition, and creative problem solving. When we combine Man + Machine, we enable far better decisions and unleash dramatic gains in productivity.

At Opera Solutions, we are deeply committed to finding new and powerful ways to create a durable Man + Machine partnership. We use this approach in our scientific inquiries, and we build it into our dynamic interfaces and visualizations, so people can “play” with the output and learn to trust it. Our solutions are created in a way that allows us to bring clear and powerful machine-generated Best Actions to people on the front lines, while allowing people to make the final decisions.

The Auto Auction Pricing Optimizer is one example of how Opera Solutions is putting Man + Machine to work.
Watch it in action below.