Technology Platforms

Because Big Data is so diverse — and the problems it can solve so different — we build our solutions on five separate (but interlocking) platforms. These platforms are modular and integrated.

Vektor™ Big Data analytics and Signal-processing platform: where Signal Hubs are created

Our Vektor™ Big Data analytics and Signal-processing platform integrates Big Data flows from both inside and outside the enterprise; provides the technology to identify, extract, and store Signals; and supports deployment of all Signal Apps.

Vektor allows us to deliver our solutions in the Cloud or on premise, with almost no IT or infrastructure investments. That’s because it’s built to sit on top of enterprises’ existing stacks and systems. We developed Vektor to work with HPCC and Hadoop, and it fully integrates with SAP HANA and Oracle’s Big Data Appliance and Exalytics In-Memory Machine.

Fraud Platform: where we build fraud and other case management–centric solutions

Opera Solutions is a leader in fraud detection science. The Fraud Platform codifies this knowledge, incorporating the technology and science required to find faint patterns and correlations, rapidly score these patterns for risk, and serve up a prioritized list for final assessment and disposition. We are using the Fraud Platform in our bustout and point-of-compromise solutions, as well as for the solution we are building to support the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as it establishes federal Health Exchanges.

Mobiuss®: for complex scenario building and simulations — enhanced with Man + Machine integration

Mobiuss supports Monte Carlo and other simulations. In addition, its flexible and robust interface allows users to rapidly build their own scenarios, incorporating their judgment and situational assessment into the mix. Perfect for determining the value and the risks of individual bonds as well as complex portfolios, the platform supports Mobiuss products for commercial and residential mortgage–backed securities as well as whole loans.

BIQ: used for machine intelligence–enabled analysis and anomaly detection within complex data

BIQ is an OLAP-powered platform with an extraordinary difference: its technology allows for on-the-fly changes to categories, measures, and data schema for datasets that number in the hundreds of millions of lines. Changes to a category are instantly reflected in the entire dataset and every rollup. When coupled with Opera Solutions’ advanced machine intelligence, BIQ powers breakthrough solutions such as our Spend Intelligence Platform.

Open Source Signal Detection: turning the World Wide Web into a world-wide database

One of the most sophisticated and integrated capabilities for turning raw Web data into insights and intelligence, our OSSD platform combines advanced text analytics, sentiment analysis, and more — in 70+ languages. Our commercial and government threat assessment platforms are built on OSSD, as are products for marketers and retailers seeking competitive information, lead generation, and enhanced consumer understanding.